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Recent epidemiological developments reveal that new infections of HIV-transmissions as well as of other sexually transmitted diseases have increased, with a concentration in certain European regions and in certain groups with specific high risk behaviour (e.g. men who have sex with other men, migrant populations). There seems to be quite a dramatic occurrence of unprotected sexual activity and/or relapse in the adoption of safer sex behaviour in these
groups. Empirical evidence shows that the specific support needs of PLWH with respect to the different aspects of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) are not adequately met.

Improving the quality of life of persons living with HIV (PLWH) entails supporting them in adopting healthy sexual life-styles and in taking informed personal choices relating to their fertility.

The general objective of Eurosupport V is to improve the SRH of PLWH and their partners in Europe, thus contributing to an improvement of their quality of life. The strategy proposed to achieve this objective consists of setting up a European network of experts in the field of HIV/Aids and sexual and reproductive health (SRH). The experts participating in this project will carry out qualitative and quantitative research on the SRH-related problems and needs of PLWH. The projects results will also be a major contribution to policy development.

The research will focus on two areas of investigation:
Prevention for positives
Problems and needs of PLWH relating to secondary prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including prevention of spreading treatment resistant HIV-strains, and sexual problems.
Fertility-related issues
Problems and needs of PLWH relating to family planning and contraception, including pregnancy-related issues.
Appropriate research tools will be developed to assess problems and needs in these areas. On the basis of the results, client-centred criteria for SRH-services targeting PLWH and their partners will be developed.
The project further aims at identifying existing models of good practice in Europe in the area of SRH for PLWH and to develop policy recommendations built on evidence-based practices. The collected information will be disseminated throughout Europe, i.e. beyond the project group, to maximise the transfer of knowledge between member states and create windows of learning opportunities.

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