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study group members


Project coordination

The project coordination and management is carried out by the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM). The ITM is one of the world's leading institutes for training, research and assistance in tropical medicine and health care. The ITM is an inter-university but autonomous post-graduate institute for specialised training, research and services provision. For the Belgian Ministries of Public Health and Social Affairs it has the role of national reference centre for tropical diseases and as regional reference centre for the diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

The main partner of this project is Sensoa. Sensoa is the Flemish expert organisation on sexual health and HIV. Sensoa aims to
improve sexual health, with particular attention to the quality of life of people with HIV and AIDS. Sensoa is an independent non-profit organisation, acknowledged and supported by the Flemish government as one of their partner organisations. Sensoa works for the general public, but pays special attention to a number of target groups with specific problems concerning sexual health and HIV.

Study group members

  PARTNER country contact person  
  ITM   Belgium   Bob Colebunders  
      Christiana Nöstlinger  
      Veronica van Wijk  
  Sensoa   Belgium   Ruth Borms  
  Innsbruck Medical University
Clinical Department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy
  Austria   Birgit Mumelter  
  European Centre for
Social Welfare Policy
and Research

  Austria   Gabriele Schmied, (e-mail 2:  
  Ludwig Maximilian University
Clinic of Infectious Diseases
  Germany   Johannes Bogner  
  Synthesis (NGO)   Greece   Nikos Dedes
Department of Paediatrics
  Italy   Carlo Giaquinto  
      Gloriana Bartoli  
      Silvia Faggion  
      Chiara Novello  
      Serenella Olleto  
  San Raffaele Scientific
Institute of Milan

Clinic of Infectious Diseases
  Italy   Caterina Uberti  
      Giulia Galotti  
  Hospital Santa Maria
  Portugal   Luis Caldeira, (e-mail 2:  
  Universidad Complutense   Spain   Victoria Gordillo  
  North Manchester Health
Care Trust
  UK   Ed Wilkins, (e-mail 2:, e-mail 3:  
Cynthia Murphy
  Institute of Sexology
University of Prague
  Czech Republic   Ivo Prochazka  

National Reference Centre for HIV/AIDS prevention
Slovak Medical University

  Slovakia   Danica Stanekova  
OTHER PARTNERS (subcontractors) country contact person
  Semmelweis University
Departement of Public Health.
  Hungary   Péter Csépe  
  Latvia's Association for Family Planning and Sexual Health   Latvia   Iveta Kelle  
      Anda Vaišļa  
  University Zielona Gora   Poland   Zbigniew Izdebski  
  INDEPENDENT PARTNER   country   contact person  
  University of Applied Sciences
  Switzerland   Daniel Gredig
      Sybille Nideroest  

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