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Project coordination

The project coordination and management is carried out by the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM). The ITM is one of the world's leading institutes for training, research and assistance in tropical medicine and health care. The ITM is an inter-university but autonomous post-graduate institute for specialised training, research and services provision. For the Belgian Ministries of Public Health and Social Affairs it has the role of national reference centre for tropical diseases and as regional reference centre for the diagnosis and treatment of HIV/AIDS. ITM is also responsible for the theoretical guidance of the project, as well as for facilitating the implementation of the pilot interventions (MSM and migrants) in the various settings.

ES 6 Study-group: Associated partners  View members

Associated partners work in close collaboration with the project coordinator to develop and test the training and resource package, including the interventions. This group of 10 partners were carefully selected on the basis of their expertise in intervention and training manual development.

Some of these associated partners are responsible for specific tasks within the project.

Sensoa vzw is the lead partner for dissemination of the results and development of the TRP.

Sensoa vzw is the Flemish expert organization on sexual health and HIV. Sensoa aims to improve sexual health, with particular attention to the quality of life of PLWH. Sensoa is an independent non-profit organization, acknowledged and supported by the Flemish government as one of their partner organizations. Sensoa works for the general public, but pays special attention to a number of target groups with specific problems concerning sexual health and HIV.

University Complutense of Madrid (UCM) is the lead partner for the evaluation of the project. UCM is a member of the Europaeum and has over 130,000 students, 4,000 of which are international students. With over 6,000 teaching staff members, the university offers 80 majors, 230 degrees, and 221 doctorate programmes. The university is divided into twenty main faculties and has four other full-time schools outside Spain: the Real Colegio Complutense de Harvard in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA; the Collège des Hautes Études Européennes Miguel Servet in Paris, France; the Cátedra Complutense at the University of Karlova in Prague, Czech Republic; and the Cátedra Dubcek in Bratislava, Slovakia.
UCM also has seven teaching hospitals, which co-operate to implement the intervention in the framework of this project.

Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust (CNLW) is the lead partner for developing a computer assisted intervention modules. CNWL provides psychology services in the form of the Department of Clinical Health Psychology, to the Jefferiss Wing of St Mary’s hospital, one of the U.K’s largest clinics for the treatment of STIs , including HIV. The Department of Clinical Health Psychology has been a centre of excellence for psychological and behavioural interventions in HIV since the 1980s. Recent Departmental research includes a Medical Research Council research programme to develop internet based interventions for the reduction of risky sex. CNWL has active collaborations with other major centres for internet-based treatment and behaviour change across a range of health problems and has specialist expertise in developing computer-based guided self-help materials and carrying them into clinical practice. CNWL is also a centre for training healthcare staff across the NHS in North London. The Department has many years’ experience in addressing risk reduction in HIV, both in MSM and migrants from areas of heterosexual spread.

Collaborative Partners 
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In addition to the research and development component of this project, Eurosupport 6 also maintains the already existing Eurosupport network on SRH and HIV. This network will constitute a forum for collaborative partners to exchange information and expertise relating to SRH and HIV. Collaborative partners receive all project-related information (such as the Eurosupport newsletter). Collaborative partners will be invited to the final project’s dissemination meeting which will include a training workshop on working with the developed tools.

We are still looking for partners who are interested in either using these tools in their own setting or who have a capacity building function, i.e. training other service providers in SRH and HIV-related issues.

A collaborative partner does not have any obligations towards the project and therefore can not be remunerated. However, collaborative partners will substantially benefit from the network through the facilitation of mutual exchange of information and by gaining direct access to all project related results. The participation on the training workshop will be free of charge for the collaborative partner.

Are you interested in becoming a collaborative partner: please contact

Associated Study Group members EUROSUPPORT 6

  PARTNER   country   contact person  
  Institute of Tropical Medecine
Dept. Clinical Sciences
Nationalestraat 155
2000 Antwerp
  Belgium   Christiana Nöstlinger

      Bob Colebunders
  Sensoa vzw
Kipdorpvest 48a
2000 Antwerp
  Belgium   Ruth Borms

Sandra van den Eynde
  Ludwig Maximilians University
Clinic of Infectious Diseases
  Germany   Johannes Bogner

Matthias Müller
Dept. National Progammes
14, rue Scandicci ‘Tour ESSOR)
93508 Cedex
  France   Daniela Rojas Castro

Bruno Spire

  Fondazione Centre San Raffaele del Monte Tabor
Via Olgettina 60
20132 Milano
  Italy   Caterina Uberti

      Vega Rusconi  
  Maastricht University
School of Psychology, Dept. Applied Psychology

Universiteitsingel 5
6200 MD Maastricht
  the Netherlands   Gerjo Kok

J. van Lankveld
  University of Zielona Gora
Ul. Podgorna 50
65-246 Zielona Gora
  Poland   Zbignew Izdebski

Joanna Dec
  Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical Centre for Malaria & Tropical Diseases
R. da Junqueira 96
1349-008 Lisbon
  Portugal   Sonia Ferreira Dias  
  Slovak Medical University
Limbova 12
83301 Bratislava
  Slovakia   Danica Staneková
  University Complutense Madrid
Dept. Psychology

Av. Filipinas 22, 3°C
28003 Madrid
  Spain   Victoria Gordillo
Rosario Martinez Arias
  Central & North West London NHS Foundation Trust
Dept of Clinical health Psychology

Clarence Wing, St Mary’s Hospital
Praed Street
London W2 1NY
  United Kingdom   Agnes Kocsis (e-mail address 1)
Agnes Kocsis (e-mail address 2)

David Goldmeier
Drosbach Building DRB A3/063,
Rue G. Kroll L2920
  Luxemburg   Cinthia Menel Lemos  

Collaborative Study Partners Eurosupport 6

  PARTNER country contact person  
  Centro de Promoción de La Salud. Madrid Salud
C/ Montesa  22
28006 Madrid
  Spain   Olga Borrego  
Mariahilfer Gürtel 4
1060 Wien
  Austria   Barbara Leitner  
  European Centre for
Social Welfare Policy
and Research

  Austria   Gabriele Schmied  
  The Sexual Health Centre Cork
16 Peters Street
  Ireland   Deirdre Seery  
  Latvia’s Association for Family Planning
Grecinieku Street 34
  Latvia   Anda Vaisla
  Latvia   Ruta Kaupe  
  Pennine Acute Hositals NHS Trust
  United Kingdom   Ed Wilkins  
Sex Education Foundation
Nagyvárad tér 4
Hungary Dr. Péter Csépe
Bulgarian Family Planning and
Sexual Health Association

67 Dondukov Blvd. 1504
Bulgary Ventzislav Krikov
Estonian Network of People Living
with HIV

Oismae st. 36-8
Estonia Igor Sobolev
HIV-Foundation / The Finnish AIDS Council
Unioninkatu 45 C1
Finland Marja Pakarinen
Planning and Sexual Health Association
Saltoniskiu st.58
Lithuania Esmeralda Kuliesyte
AIDSBerodung (Croix-Rouge)
Boulevard Général Patton 94
Luxemburg Henri Goedertz
ARAS - Romanian Association Against AIDS
Intrarea Mihai Eminescu, nr 5, sector 2
Romania Nicoleta Dascalu (e-mailaddress 1)
Nicoleta Dascalu (e-mailaddress 2)
Charles University, 1 st Medical Faculty Prague, Institute of Sexology
Faculty - Katerinska 32
Czech Republic Ivo Prochazka
Association for Sexual and Reproductive Health XY
Kemala Kapetanovica 17
Bosnia and Herzegovina Tijana Medvedec

Osmanagic Emina
JAZAS - Association against AIDS
Prote Mateje Street no 29
Serbia Dr Dragan Ilic (e-mailaddress 1)
Dr Dragan Ilic (e-mailaddress 2)
Naz Project
U.K. Dr. M Phiri Fletcher
Positive Heroes
Cape Town
South Africa Wildish Sue
Mile End Road
UK Mancinelli Michael
GMI Partnership / The Metro Centre
N205/206 Westminster Business Square, 1-45 Durham Street
UK Naylor David
52-54 Grayns Inn Road
UK Thompson Marc
Grupo Português de Activistas sobre Tratamentos VIH/SIDA Pedro Santos (GAT)
Avenida Gomes Pereira, 98 - 4º andar, 1500-332 Lisboa,
Portugal Luís Mendão
Ricardo Fuertes

Rua André Homem
Edifício Ser+ n.º 60 2750-783 Cascais l
Portugal Andreia Pinto Ferreira
Rua de S. Paulo, 216 1 A/B 1200-429
Portugal Ricardo Fernandes

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